Upcoming Events

June 24, 8pm: Come out for Gold Room! It’s going to be a hoot. As always, Gold Room will be at Zeitgeist Multicultural Arts Center, 6621 St. Claude Ave.

STAY TUNED: within the next six months, the public poetry and art installation project Stephen Montalvo and I are working on (Bayou Sonata) will debut!

Past Events

December 15th, 7pm: UNO Poetry reading. Zoom in!

November 19, 7pm: Rubber Flower Poetry Hour. Come hear me read!

Every Sunday in October, 7pm: Coven, “SPKY BTCHES” edition!

September 24, 8pm: Gold Room at Zeitgeist! Come hear me read some poetry and, after, read some of your own. After party at Pirogue’s Whiskey Bayou.

Nikki and Carin, the hosts of Throwback, a monthly comedy storytelling show at CHNO.

August 1, 7pm: Throwback, “Some Like It Hot” edition, will be taking over at Comedy House NOLA! Come laugh with us! https://www.facebook.com/ThrowbackNOLAcomedy/